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At Ambedo Media, we are passionate about crafting exceptional videos that capture your vision and engage your audience. With over 20 years of experience, we pride ourselves on delivering personalized and detailed content that showcases your project's values in a captivating way. Whether it's a documentary, a corporate promotional video or a contemporary art showcase, we are committed to providing you with the best. Let us help you bring your vision to life.


Two decades of bringing your vision to life with Immersive video
Sanda Vojković
My business collaboration with Tom Felbar began even before he founded Ambedo Media when we collaborated on the "Dani Milka Kelemena" Festival in Slatina. His sense of visualizing music was crucial for the continuation of our now longstanding collaboration, including filming, live streaming of national and international music competitions, and editing musical portraits of young artists. The latest collaboration was on the documentary film about the restoration of historical organs on the island of Vis - "Vox Humana," for which he also won an award for directing.
My business collaboration with Tomislav Felbar began in 2017 on the segment "Jezik na vagi" as part of the show "Kod nas doma" . Since the collaboration continued for the next 7 seasons, it speaks volumes about his professional approach to work and the quality of the segments. Before filming each segment, a plan was developed with scriptwriter, Davor Stanković. Felbar would then enhance the segment with his interesting interventions as a cameraman and director, and finally, in editing, it would gain its finishing touch. Another talent of Felbar's, acting, should not be overlooked. Together with his brother and author, Davor Stanković, he acted in sketches on the topic of rhetoric, humorously bringing this educational theme closer to the viewers. Collaboration with Tomislav Felbar comes highly recommended because you will get everything you imagined and even enriched with his creativity.
Lidija Šprajc
urednica HTV
Zrinka Hrupelj
direktorica Creative
We at Creativa particularly enjoy collaborating with Ambedo Media and Tom Felbar - probably because we easily find ourselves on the same 'creative wavelength'. Last year, we celebrated Creativa's 25 years of work, and without hesitation, we contracted Ambedo Media to capture the celebration by filming and creating video memories and posts for our social media channels. Additionally, over the past few years, we have collaborated (with Ambedo Media, Retor, and Creativa) to create a series of educational and promotional videos about our services, and Tom has always amazed us with his solutions. Whether he found a unique angle for filming, added a new dose of playfulness, or simply understood our needs right away. The filming process itself is extremely enjoyable and always exceptionally professional! We are currently developing some new types of videos that will help us convey knowledge and advice to our clients and their employees in a way that is not only educational and engaging but also of top-notch quality in direction and cinematography.
The collaboration with Tomislav Felbar for Planet Art Theatre began in 2017 when he took over the creation and production of video materials for all of the theater's productions. Satisfied with this collaboration, we invited Mr. Felbar to join us as the main cameraman, co-screenwriter, and editor in the pioneering project "Online Live Theatre," through which we streamed our performances in real-time during the pandemic and lockdown. This project ensured high viewership and quality recordings of the performances for further distribution. Collaboration with Tom Felbar and others from Ambedo Media in all projects has been creative, high-quality, pleasant, and timely, and we certainly look forward to further collaboration in upcoming projects.
Marko Torjanac
Maja Priselac
rukovoditeljica Odsjeka marketing i komunikacije NSK
The collaboration with Tom and the team from Ambedo Media on the production of our promotional video was a true pleasure. We were impressed by their knowledge, creativity, and professionalism. They did a masterful job!


Grad Slatina
Hauska & Partner
Hrvatska Radio Televizija
Inkognito Band
Kazalište Planet Art
Klasik Studio
Konfucijev Institut
Livada Produkcija
Masa Dance Company
Nacionalna Sveučilišna Knjižnica
OIE Hrvatska
Red Vitezova Ružica Grad
Starling Nekretnine
Teška Industrija
Udruga Dani Milka Kelemena
Udruga Jaglac
Val Grupa
Vox Primus
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There is a need for high-quality video production services. But there is also a need for a more respectful approach to each project. A need to create content with a unique voice. This is how Ambedo Media came to be. Born from the need to provide better video services, we bring a new perspective on how your viewers perceive your message.


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