Ambedo Media has worked on a fair share of varied projects. From conferences, lectures, and documentaries to music videos, concerts, and educational videos. The themes of the videos vary, but the quality doesn’t.

Our video production services consist of a complete process. Whatever your needs, we have you covered. Here’s a quick overview of some of our services:

  • Storyboarding
  • Scriptwriting
  • Filming (including aerial shooting)
  • Streaming
  • Editing
  • Voice Over Production
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Inkognito - Bring The Metal

First official music video for the band Inkognito.

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Vislander Wine

“Our wine tells the original story of the difficult times on the island of Vis and the monetary value of Plavac wine exchanged by the islanders for food. An equal respect for history and terroir is what makes us different.”

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Welcome to NSK

“For more than four centuries, there has been another city in the city of Zagreb. A city that loves the past – but looks to the future. A city that is developing day by day, a city that represents a fortress of knowledge and in which everyone is always welcome – the National and University Library in Zagreb. The doors of this city are open to everyone! Welcome to NSK – a city that brings together knowledge, people and innovation.”

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Planet Art Online Theater

“The Planet Art online theater project was created in response to the corona crisis, but also opened the possibility that theatrical performances can be seen by all those who can not physically attend them.”

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Assertive Communication

“Find out what assertiveness is and what its role is in increasing personal satisfaction and developing better relationships with other people in the first Creativa educational video.”

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From Petrinja with Love

“The film is about solidarity and helping the Library of the Faculty of Teacher Education at the University in Zagreb, local branch in Petrinja, which was seriously damaged during the hard earthquake that was affected Croatia region Banija on December 29th (6.2 Richter scale).

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XXI Days of Milko Kelemen

With its cultural content, the festival addresses the broadest, non-artistic audience, in order to bring contemporary music and art that humanizes social and urban space and becomes part of everyday life.

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Masa Dance Company - Ništa Nije Krivo 2

MASADANCECOMPANY is an artistic organization working on the field of dance production and education in contemporary dance. For the premiere of their performance “Ništa Nije Krivo 2” they needed a special announcement video to help build awareness and set the right tone.

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Festival for the Zagreb Cathedral Organ

“Despite the devastating earthquake and COVID-19 pandemic, the organ festival is held for all interested visitors through online channels.”

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57. Glazbena tribina Zagreb

Fresh interpretations of compositions by young authors, but also composer’s legends from the “stage of the best young artists in Croatia”, will be presented by recent laureates of the Papandopulo Competition.

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HRT - Onkraj Govora

There are many speaking professions for which speech is an important tool, being an actor is one of them, and there are also presenters, narrators, translators, but also sports commentators. More about that, speech coach Davor Stanković. The video was broadcast in the show Kod nas doma – HRT
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HRT - Forenzična Fonetika

Our speech coach Davor Stanković became a detective, he deals with forensic phonetics. It helps solve one complicated case. The video was broadcast in the show Kod nas doma – HRT
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Ivan Judaš - Inception
(Official Music Video)

“This is my first composition, a symbol of a new beginning in my life and therefore it is called ‘Inception’.”

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BIZkoshnica Co-working

BIZkoshnica is a boutique coworking space in the center of Zagreb, on the British Square operated by the Institute for Creative Education to promote entrepreneurship with education, counseling, mentoring support and all the necessary office and communication infrastructure.

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OIEH - Croatian presentation at Wind Europe 2019 Bilbao

In order to showcase the overall importance and value, as well as the knowledge and experience OIEH has in working on renewable energy projects, especially wind power plants, as well as their future efforts and plans in the area, they successfully presented themselves at the joint exhibition space.

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Radar technology workshop - Brijuni

The workshop “Radar technology – advanced methods of monitoring birds and bats in the development of wind farms” was held on 20th October 2021 on Brijuni Islands, Croatia.  

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Planet Art - Velika Zvjerka

What is a business, what are its rules, what is the secret of success? Velika Zvjerka tries to find answers to these questions by dealing with human existence completely outside the usual patterns of thinking about business.

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Boxing Heart

“You never go to the countdown. You will fall. You lie down. You get up. You move on. A new round is coming, whether you like it or not. You can only decide if you are ready to welcome her. “Boxing Heart” is a witty and touching melodrama performed on stages around the world due to its universal message.”

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HRT - Poslovna Komunikacija

What skills are needed for a successful team leader and how to achieve a pleasant atmosphere at work?

The video was broadcast in the show Kod nas doma – HRT

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HRT - Govorna Korizma

Today begins Lent, the pre-Easter time when we strive to purify and renew. How we can refine our speech, speech coach Davor Stankovic will tell us.

The video was broadcast in the show Kod nas doma – HRT

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Čačinci Urban Fest 2017

After a two year break, the famous summer festival, ČUF – Čačinci Urban Fest returned to the small Slavonian town.

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Teška Industrija - Reklamacija

With the new singer and single, the members of Teška Industrija state that they have received a fresh & modern, guitar hit single titled “Reklamacija”

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HRT - Govorni Trener

“Our speaking coach is back from vacation and is already preparing a speech appearance. What, besides the central thought and purpose of the speech, should we have on our mind, without getting lost and forgetting what was important to say in the first place?”

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11th Vaclav Huml International Violin Competition

In memory of the Huml’s work and activity the Croatian Music Institute in 1953 founded an award with his name for the best graduates of string instruments at the Music Academy in Zagreb. From 1977, in Zagreb, every four years, the International Vaclav Huml Violin Competition is held.

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Help For "Invisible" Citizens

The project aims to develop the community by providing social services that will improve the quality of life for people with disabilities and the elderly and infirm, reduce their exclusion and marginalization, enable peaceful, safe living and aging in their homes, dignity in illness and disability, but also a reduction in the unemployment of people from the less employable group.

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Šmit Lake

The Croatian Society for Biological Research from Zagreb organized activities to clean the Rupecćica and Green (Šmit) lakes from invasive fish.

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Art Revived Through Cross-Border Connection of Slatina-Csurgo-Voćin-Virovitica

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The Organ Festival of the City of Zagreb

“The Organ Festival of the City of Zagreb has been held since 2009. Every year it offers visitors a series of classical music concerts at which, in addition to numerous Croatian artists, many European and world musicians perform.”

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