What is ambedo?

There is a need for high-quality video production services. But there is also a need for a more respectful approach to each project. A need to create content with a premium and unique voice. This is how Ambedo Media came to be. Born from the need to provide better video services, from corporate promos to contemporary art showcases. We bring a new perspective on how your viewers perceive your message.


We don’t just deliver ideas. We’re here to create a concept, and storyboard the entire project with you. Nothing is left to chance and perfection lies in the preparation.


During the production, we have you covered on every end. This includes, but not limited to: Full-HD, 4K, and Aerial Shooting, Custom Lighting Solutions and Dedicated Audio Recording.


This is where the ambedo magic happens. Your project will receive a refined process that we developed over many years of hands-on work. A single cut can change how your story is told, that’s why we take extreme care with every decision.

A part of ambedo?

But what if you’re not looking to hire us, and instead work on a project for us? While we aren’t currently hiring, we strive to work with a large network of freelance creatives and technicians. If you’re looking for an opportunity to work on exciting projects, don’t hestitate to reach out and we’ll get back to you.

Why wait?

It takes courage to begin a new project. It can seem very difficult, but working with Ambedo Media is easier than you think. So why wait? 

Your video is only a few clicks away. Let’s get started.